Information about the conference


 Action plan   Docx PDF      
 Evaluation 2013 from German students.   PDF      
 Evaluation 2013 from Spanish students.  Docx PDF       
 Evaluation 2013 from the British students.  Docx PDF      
 Evaluation 2013 from 22 Danish students  Docx PDF      
 First information from DK september 2013.  Docx PDF      
 Itinerary for Comenius Conference in DK in November.  Docx PDF      
 Minutes of preparatory meeting in Dronninglund 2013.  Docx PDF      
 Objectives Extracts from the application.  Docx PDF      
 PP farewell party.   PDF    pptx  
 PP Welcome to DG.   PDF    pptx  
 Preparatory meeting in Berlin_minutes_03.02.13.   PDF     Doc
 Second letter of information about the conference in DK.  Docx PDF      
 The KIE-model.   PDF      
 Final Comenius application form 2013-15.   PDF      
 Pressemeddelelse om Comeniusbesøg og idekonkurrence på D Docx PDF      
 Pressedækning af Comenius Conference i Berlin